Fancy staying in a floating hotel? In Lombok you could.

By Dian Hasan | July 11, 2010

As the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia is naturally home to plenty of sea-faring indigenous tribes. The stories of their bravado and skills in navigating treacherous seas are legendary. Such as the Bugis people of South Sulawesi (Celebes) whose magnificent Phinisi wooden schooners have plied the seas for centuries and ventured as far away as Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. When not at sea, these proud “sea people” still live on the sea, literally above the ocean, in houses on stilts.

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to live in a traditional floating house, there’s a hotel just like, the Nirvana Roemah Air floating hotel in Lombok Island, Bali’s neighbor to the east.

Akin to staying in a house boat, except that Nirvana Roemah Air doesn’t move around, and stays “moored” on site, the name translates to Nirvana Water House in Indonesia.

Nirvana Roemah Air is located in the village of Medang – Sekotong Tengah, Lombok Barat – NTB. It is a real boutique resort, extremely unique. It is a combination of ‘Crystal Turquoise and Silky Green’ environment: the Medang Bay with its Mangrove forest.

From your floating villa sitting on the calm and crystal clear waters, you can see Jukung traditional fishing boats. And a plethora of marine life is on your doorstep; Clown fish, Angle fish, Baby Lobster, Crabs or even Lion Fish surround you. They live side by side with you under the villa. You can feed them, you can play with them and of course you can go fishing from your floating villa.

The condition of the sea of Medang Bay – Lombok island is absolutely perfect for this unique concept. Not only because this little bay has the advantage of the rise and fall of the tides, but also it is very well protected by 4 little islands called Gili on front of the bay, they protect the villas from strong wind, current and waves.

Each floating villa is carefully designed and constructed in accordance with the concept of the hundred of years of well proven local fishermen floating bamboo hut, called “Bagan”, it has been carefully modified in to a comfortable and safe floating accommodation. You are among the special people who have the chance to enjoy the comfort of luxurious and adventurous experience in the first Floating Villa in the country.
Each floating Villa consists of: private living room, private balcony, and private shower. It is also equipped with: refrigerator, stereo set & VCD player, tea and coffee maker. Other Facilities are: traditional motorized boat, simple snorkeling equipments, mini-market.

You can enjoy one of the most spectacular sunset in life from your floating villa. At night, lay down on the lazy chair at your balcony and watch the stars, say your wish as you see the shooting star and surely you don’t want to miss the chance to feel the romance on the floating villa during the full moon



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4 responses to “Fancy staying in a floating hotel? In Lombok you could.

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  2. This looks like a great place…I’ll try to stay there as I travel around Indonesia.

    • endangerededen

      Hi Rick, pleasant surprise indeed!!! What you’re doing for Indo’s tourism sounds AWESOME!!! Would love to chat further. Are you on facebook, linkedin or skype?

      I’m curious to find out whether you’re already running your blog as a revenue-earning vehicle. My blogging basically departs from my passion for writing, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, discovering (and uncovering) unique travel destinations across the vast archipelago (especially those related to Ecotourism, Eco Lodges, Eco Activities and Adventure Travel: incl. Diving, Surfing, Kayaking, etc.) that most Indonesians have absolutely no clue about!!

      What I find fascinating are all the foreigners (mostly Hoteliers and Do Gooders/practicioners of Responsible Tourism) that are doing absolutely wonderful (to a degree… almost God-like) things through their hotels in remote areas, and impacting directly their immediate communities and the environment). These are places like: Misool Eco Resort, Nihiwatu Resort, Papua Diving, Mentawai Adventures, Paradiso Eco Island on Cubadak, just to name a few. Ever heard of them?

      My other blogs are: (Ideas Inspiring Innovation),,

      Let’s touch base. ciao for now, dian (san diego). My email: You can find me on facebook too!

      • Hi Dian, the main purpose of my blog is to highlight all that is great about traveling in Indonesia. At some point I do hope to earn some revenue from it so I can continue the project. We hope to offer some unique tours next year.

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