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Eco Rustic | Chumbe Eco Lodge, Chumbe Island, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Chumbe Island Coral Park, Ltd. (CHICOP) is a pioneering model for utilising sustainable eco-tourism principles to fully finance the management and conservation efforts of a unique island ecosystem. CHICOP operates as a private non-profit company and was established in 1991 for the management and conservation of Chumbe Island’s ecosystem. Chumbe is a small, uninhabited coral island of 22 ha, located 8 miles southwest of Zanzibar town, Tanzania.

The Chumbe eco-lodge
uses state-of-the-art eco-technology such as 100% solar power, rain water harvesting, natural grey water filtration systems and compost toilets. As such, all developments utilise renewable low-impact water and energy management combined with traditional building material and design.

Chumbe Island’s environment consists of diverse and interconnected habitats including seagrass meadows, beaches and mangroves. The coral reef is the most diverse reef in the region with around 200 species of coral and 400 species of fish. The reef has shown higher resilience than other nearby reefs and local fishers report higher catch close to the reef sanctuary.

The Forest Reserve, with its “coral rag forest”, is home to several endangered species such as the coconut crab (Birgus latro) and Ader’s duiker (Cephalophus adersi). An adaptive Management Plan has been implemented since 1996. The Management Plan encourages transparent management and wide stakeholder participation, achieved by regular Advisory Committee meetings as well as annual village meetings.

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