Green & Chic | Suka Island, Riau Archipelago, Indonesia [1]

By Dian Hasan | June 18, 2010

When you think of Singapore, the words idyllic, rustic and laid back, are probably not the first thing that would come to mind. A modern Asian nation with a dynamic economy is more likely. Singapore is situated at the crossroads of East and West, and trade has been the foundation upon which Singapore’s economic miracle has been built.

One often forgets, however, that urban Singapore that likes to call itself Garden City, is an island. To the North lies the Malaysian Peninsula that continues on to the Asian continent, while to its South is Indonesia’ Riau Archipelago, a group of islands that include the industrial and shipyard-based Batam, and Singapore’s favorite island playground, Bintan. Further afield are small islands, mostly uninhabited that are the furthest image of urban life.

And here you’ll find Singapore’s best-kept secret: Private Islands that offer the bare-foot luxury commonly found in the Caribbean. Tropical isles, with nothing but thatch-roof huts (no worries, electricity and modern amenities are standard features…). You’d almost have to pinch yourself of thinking you’re in Bali.

So put your leisure thinking cap on, and start imagining swaying palm trees, a tropical breeze, white sand beaches, and the soothing sound of the ocean… all this on an private island you can have for yourself.

From the same creative hospitality minds that run Pulau Pangkil Private Island Resort, comes Suka Island (Pulau Suka in Indonesian), a pleasant 3-hour ferry ride (approximately 100 km) from Singapore, the embarkation point for the majority of our guests.

The journey normally involves catching one of the international ferries to Bintan, land transport across part of Bintan and then a high-speed boat trip to the island. Some groups chose to arrive on their private yachts.

The Rembang Villa, one of the two villas converted from vintage Javanese Joglo houses made of solid teak, shipped from Central Java and reconfigured for Suka Island.

Suka Island (Pulau Suka in Indonesian) is the ultimate ‘chill out’ private island. The Pool and Pool Pavilion are central features. The Bar is conveniently located in the Pool Pavilion complex. Suka has magnificent, clean beaches for those wanting a touch of adventure. For guests wanting to embrace even more adventure, Suka can arrange picnics on various other islands in the area.


Four splendidly-furnished houses with en-suite bathrooms form the basis of the accommodation. Ranging from rustic Driftwood Villas with a Robinson Crusoe feel to Beachfront Villas done in turn of the century home of Javanese royalty.

Suka Island was conceived based on sustainable building practices. Comprising of Driftwood Villas that were all built using local building materials sourced from the immediate islands, and a two “piece de resistance” Javanese traditional teak homes. The Rembang and The Juwana Villas, named after their respective cities of origin, both sport the typical Javanese “Joglo” pointed roofs. Vintage homes of over 100 years, made of solid teak, housing people of power and royalty, and commonly found across northeast coast of Central Java, and across much of Central and East Java.

The two existing houses were carefully dismantled in Java and shipped to Suka Island. Both have been They have been lovingly restored and reconditioned as villas with modern amenities, ensuring that their “Javanese soul” remain intact.

Antique colonial-era teak furniture and decorative pieces sourced from Java and Bali give the villas all the splendor in making it the perfect island getaway.

The Juwana Villa, one of the two villas converted from vintage Javanese Joglo houses made of solid teak, shipped from Central Java and reconfigured for Suka Island.

All prices are in Singapore Dollars and include all government taxes, as well as service charges. The pricing is S$1,000 per house per night (based on two adults) or, for small groups, S$500 per adult per night. This includes three meals for the corresponding day (or 24-hour period to be precise) as well as unlimited snacks, coffee, tea and bottled water, transport to and from the island (to southern Bintan) by speedboat, full use of the boats (and staff!) for fishing trips and picnics on our other deserted islands.

Suka’s ‘basic’ rate is S$4,000 per night which is based on 4 couples, in any 4 of the 6 Driftwood and Java Houses. Please note that Suka is hired out as a whole and we do not hire out the individual houses, although as mentioned above, we’ll consider bookings for less than 4 houses during our soft-launch phase (eg S$3,000 per night for 3 houses for 3 couples).

Additional adults are priced at S$350 per adult per night. Children (ages 3 to 12 inclusive) are priced at $150 per night. Infants (under 3) are free of charge. Maids are charged at the children’s rate. Warning: Suka is suitable for small children ONLY if their parents are prepared to watch them at all times. The houses are close to the pool (and sea). The pool is not fenced and the houses are open.


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3 responses to “Green & Chic | Suka Island, Riau Archipelago, Indonesia [1]

  1. Very interesting article, thanks. Keep up the good work.

  2. What wonderful looking hotels, I am remodeling mine and think I may try to incorporate some of these details here, Would look nice near my in-ground pool.

    Love seeing what other countries have for lodging gives me so many great idea’s to help bring my run down hotel I bought into a new market.

    Thanks for this article I have gotten lots of ideas for my own hotel from it.

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