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Green Hotels of the Future | Hilton Bariloche, Argentina


Another fine example of exciting things to come in the area of eco-oriented hotels. The proposed eco-hotel Hilton Bariloche in Argentina. The marriage of architecture – green architecture, that is – and the environment it’s taking advantage of is what’s interesting to see. How the “Green Movement” is affecting hotels and how they in turn go about to accommodate the growing “Green Lifestyle” of travelers seeking and supporting hotels whose mission are no longer service and profit, but increasingly summed into the 3 main traits of: 1. Profit, 2. People, and 3. Planet. Creating profitable businesses that engage the communities around them and respect (for a lack of a better term) the natural environment they are bestowed of caring for. Hence a hotel animal of a very different kind – one with a agreen one!

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Green Hotels of the Future | Monterey Bay Shores, California

By Dian Hasan | September 8, 2009

Monterey Bay Eco Development Project 2

Amid the vibrant movement to “Go Green” and create a “Green Lifestyle” it’s interesting to ponder about the future and peek into what’s in store. Especially in the world of travel, the hospitality industry is clearly at the forefront, fueled by the desire to accommodate the new “Green Lifestyle”, and Branding themselves accordingly. Knowing full well that discerning travelers are a pesky bunch. Additionally, Tourism is recognized as among the world’s biggest industry, with potentially the broadest economic multiplier effect. Here’s one look at what’s in store in eco-progressive Northern California, as reported by Tree Hugger. Transforming an old mining site into a cool eco retreat. Monterey Bay Shores Eco-Development.

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Green & Chic ~ Adrere Amellal, Siwa Oasis, Egypt


It used to be that adventure travel was the exclusive domain of a few intrepid individuals on a scientific mission to explore the far corners of the world, courtesy of organizations such as National Geographic, The Smithsonian, or Jacques Cousteau. And while this still holds true, opportunities for today’s avid traveler abound (just as daring a traveler, I might add!) in seeking adventures that are as simple as the journey of reaching a hotel. Such is the experience that awaits you at Adrere Amellal, a luxe eco-retreat in the Egyptian desert that defies categorization.

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Green Hotels of the Future | Island Resort, East Kalimantan (Borneo)

By Dian Hasan | August 25, 2009

CS Architects-East Kalimantan Island New Project-BALI-exterior_perspective.JPG

Bali has firmly placed itself not only as a formidable world class travel destination that garners accolades from respectable travel & lifestyle authorities each year, but also for its unique Bali Design has been adapted by the world of Architecture & Design for its truly distinctive style. Making its mark across fine hotels & resorts across the world, from Turks & Caicos in the Caribbean to South Beach Miami, Milan and The Maldives.

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Green Hotels of the Future | Banyan Tree Corniche Bay, Mauritius

banyan-tree-corniche-bay-4Banyan Tree Corniche Bay was designed by Foster and Partners in London. Located in the tropical island of Mauritius, This luxury resort promises to bring the islands the charm, sophistication and luxury befits such a breathtaking island, and enhance the architectural triumph. The Hotel and Spa is due for completion 2010.

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Baobab & Wet Volcanoes make a unique Eco-Lodge couple ~ Chile


When Chilean architect Rodrigo Verdugo ventured into the design of two Eco Loges in Chile’s Huilo Huilo Private Natural Reserve, he was set to take his imagination to new heights. While La Montaña Mágica (The Magic Mountain) Hotel was inspired by an erupting volcano, with cascading water replacing the fire and amber, the idea for the second lodge, Baobab Hotel was probably drawn from a bee-hive, or a snail’s shell.

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Green & Chic ~ Blancaneaux’s Hollywood Connection


Francis Ford Coppola had purchased an abandoned property in the remote highlands of western Cayo district, Belize. He opened Blancaneaux Lodge in 1993, without destroying the natural beauty in the process. The lodge cottages are private, with huge decks and mesh windows letting the night air circulate.

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