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Zorb will absorb your adrenaline! Dare you?

By Dian Hasan | September 5, 2009

Zorbing 3

What’s that alien-looking giant ball rolling downhill? And is that a person trapped inside of it? Welcome to Zorbing. And welcome to the capital of extreme sports and activities, New Zealand. This is what Kiwis do for fun!

ZORB, was created in the 1990’s in New Zealand, as a new adventure challenge. Based on a very simple philosophy, a rider is essentially strapped inside a giant clear plastic ball, and then rolled downhill.

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Leave it to the Kiwis to push your adrenaline to the brink

By Dian Hasan | September 5, 2009

Schweeb monorail 1

It’s clear that the Kiwis have a knack for packaging adrenaline into a travel commodity that strikes a chord with adrenaline-junkies from across the world. A useful reminder that they did invent the modern bungy jumping activity. And if this were the mother of all extreme activities, everything else are mere offsprings. PS: the original idea was most probably inspired by the island tribes of Pentecost Island in Vanuatu, South Pacific, whose coming-of-age ceremony for boys entering teenage-hood was jumping off a man-made tree-like wooden structure with mere vines strapped to their ankles. This was their way of demonstrating bravado and courage of entering a man’s world.

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A green boutique hotel befitting the Queen of the South ~ Queenstown Park Hotel, New Zealand

Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel-Queenstown-NZ-QPH-exterior-entrance-b

It would be an utter crime to upset the natural beauty of NZ’s South Island with overbearing design, and this boutique hotel strikes a harmonious balance between the holistic and the hip. Positioned amid some of the world’s most dramatic topography, the Queenstown Park Hotel strives not to compete with its surroundings — how could you even begin to outshine a mountain range dubbed “The Remarkables” — but effortlessly blends into the landscape, both visually and ecologically.

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Unique Stay Experience ~ Tree House Hotels

By Dian Hasan | June 4, 2009

treehouse_thfoin_75605tTravelers are constantly seeking unique travel destinations, that offer uncommon experiences in exotic locations, and the opportunity to stay in unusual accommodation. Fancy a stay in a Tree House Hotel? They say any boy’s dream of a tree house never really leaves him. Here are 10 reasons that would send them packing across the world to reignite their childhood!

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