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Green & Chic ~ Adrere Amellal, Siwa Oasis, Egypt


It used to be that adventure travel was the exclusive domain of a few intrepid individuals on a scientific mission to explore the far corners of the world, courtesy of organizations such as National Geographic, The Smithsonian, or Jacques Cousteau. And while this still holds true, opportunities for today’s avid traveler abound (just as daring a traveler, I might add!) in seeking adventures that are as simple as the journey of reaching a hotel. Such is the experience that awaits you at Adrere Amellal, a luxe eco-retreat in the Egyptian desert that defies categorization.

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Live like Genghis Khan ~ Three Camels Lodge, Gobi Desert, Mongolia

By Dian Hasan | August 19, 2009

Three Camels-MONGOLIA-summer-travel-camping-slide-show_three-camels-lodge-outside_w609

For all the adventure and thrill seekers, who never exhaust in seeking new adventures across the globe, glamping like Genghis Khan, replete with yurts (Mongolian tents) amid the splendor of the Mongolian desert, is now an option. Three Camel Lodge is no slacker of an eco lodge either, and takes its responsible tourism mission very seriously. Actively empowers the local community, pursues sustainable environmental practices, and helps preserve the traditions and cultures of Gobi Desert nomadic tribes, and protect its wildlife.

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Luxury Hotels with a Heart and Helping Hand

By Joe Yogerst | | June 5, 2008

When the Anantara Golden Triangle resort started an elephant sanctuary in northern Thailand five years ago, its creators never imagined that the project would evolve from an environmental effort and tourist attraction into a milestone of hotel-sponsored humanitarian aid.

Anantara Golden Triangle

Anantara Golden Triangle Resort, Thailand

With 160 acres of native forest and bamboo groves along the Mekong River, the posh riverside resort seemed like an ideal retirement home for elephants that were no longer needed in the nation’s logging industry. Anantara hired British wildlife expert John Roberts to create the camp and recruit the resident pachyderms. But Roberts quickly discovered that you couldn’t bring the elephants without their lifelong mahouts (trainers). And you couldn’t bring the mahouts without their families. And that you couldn’t bring the families without providing housing, schooling and medical care. Continue reading

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The Eco Wonders of Guayas, Ecuador

By Erica Johannson | Planet Pink n Green | October 12, 2008

The south-western province of Ecuador offers some of the top agro-tourism and eco-tourism sites in South America. Home to the nation’s largest city, Guayaquil, the region Guayas (pronounced gwī-äs) attracts travelers year-around.

The Canton of Bucay: 
Located east of Guayaquil, the Bucay Canton boasts more natural resources than any other canton in Guayas. The most visited attractions include El Bosque Humedo de la Esperanza (The Rainforest of Hope), and El Balneario de Agua Clara (The Clear Water Spa), where scenic waterfalls flow into the Chimbo river – a great place for rafting and tubing.
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