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Refuse to bid farewell to the 70s? Rent a VW CombiVan in Europe

By Dian Hasan | September 29, 2009

VW Combi Van-EURO

Cars have always played a major role in our lives, as well as in pop culture. Marking certain milestones and historic eras. And we’ll all admit to relating personally to our vehicles.

One such vehicle that is synonymous with the care-free hippie movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s, is the VW Combi Van. A vehicle forever linked and etched into San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury neighborhood, Jimmy Hendrix, and Woodstock on the East Coast. Replete with the Peace Sign and… a flower in your hair!

And while the US population of the VW Combi Vas has dwindled, Europe still has a few. And retrofitted as an RV (Recreational Vehicle) for the modern age too. So anytime you itch for some nostalgia, you can rent one of these RVs that are about the size of an American RV’s cooler box… and hit the road. After all, everything in Europe is smaller and more quaint, making for a truly unique travel experience.

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Green & Chic ~ Natural Retreats, Yorkshire Dales, UK

Natural Retreats-Yorkshire Dales-UK-natural-retreats

It seems that nowadays everyone on the planet is going green, and every country – regardless of economic status – is doing its part to join in the “Green Revolution.” There’ll always be skeptics to whom all this green talk is just a new direction in our consumeristic ways, but what’s crystal clear is the awareness of taking better care of how we utilize the earth and its resources. Green buildings are a big part of this equation. One such company is UK-based Natural Retreats with its Green Lodges that are not only eco- & sustainably-responsible, but also impossibly chic and cool. Natural Retreats Yorkshire Dales.

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