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Let the quest for Ulua take you on an exotic Fishing Safari Adventure

By Dian Hasan | October 20, 2009

Jungle Ulua Fishing Adventures-not bad for a day's catch

Not bad for a day's catch. Photo: Jungle Ulua Fishing Adventures

For the seasoned Bali visitor who yearns to explore all the Isle of Gods has to offer (even an extended vacation will never suffice) and anyone who is intrigued by unique travel experience, with some fishing thrown in, here’s a Safari Camp like no other. Join Cyrus Boyum and Michael Owen, two American adventurers and fishing aficionados for a safari camp to Grajagan, East Java, for some serious Ulua fishing. For the novice, Ulua is Giant Trevally. All fishing trips depart from Bali.Jungle Ulua Fishing Adventures. And while in the area you can always go surfing at the world-famous G-Land.

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Beguiling Becaks ~ the fast-disappearing ubiquitous pedicabs of Indonesia

Becak in Yogja, Central Java-photo flickr member javajive

Becak in Yogjakarta, Central Java. Photo: flickr member javajive

With the fast-changing façades of urban areas across Asia, one quirky vehicle that is fast disappearing is the pedicab, the human-powered workhorse that has been hard at work, transporting both passengers and goods, since the invention of the bicycle. The Indonesian version, called Becak (read: bée-chuck), takes on many different looks, as each city likes to give it their own imprint. Becaks are fast becoming a rare breed, as City Governments across the Archipelago ban them for their antiquated and inhumane nature, replacing them with motorized versions trikes similar to Thailand’s tuk -tuks. It’s ironic to think that while this is happening in Indonesia, the rest of the world, especially in the progressive countries who are pursuing anything labelled “green alternative everything” are re-introducing pedicabs in one form or another. Albeit most of them for touristic leisure purposes. You’l find them dotting fine urban landscapes, from San Diego to Barcelona. Here’s a look at the the Becak, as reported by Tim Hannigan of Kabar Magazine.

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The most magnificent sunrise on the planet ~ Mt. Bromo, East Java, Indonesia

Bromo-photo Richard Seaman-www.richard-seaman.com-BromoWithSmokingSemeru

Mt. Bromo. Photo: Richard Seaman

Mount Bromo (Gunung Bromo) , in East Java, Indonesia is probably the second most recognizable Indonesian Volcano after Krakatau. Bromo has just as much lore and history about it. But we’ll save that for a separate post in the future.

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