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By Dian Hasan | May 26, 2009


Prague: The City of 100 Spires

One of the most romantic cities in the world, with its ancient spires and cobbled streets, Prague is a lovers’ city.

20060719104709990001_www.travel.aol.co.ukSeville: The jewel in Andalucia’s crown

This beautiful Spanish city and her  fine Moorish architecture has become a firm favorite with couples.

20060719105109990001_www.travel.aol.co.ukVenice: The City of Canals

Famous for her canals and romantic serenades on gondolas, Venice is the epitome of romance. 

20060720055409990001.496cc737-0024a-0605f-cdbc8767_www.travel.aol.co.uk.Rome: The Eternal City

From the Tiber River to the impressive Colosseum, there is surely none more romantic than the ancient city of Rome.

20060714101709990001.496ccc2a-000a0-0605f-cdbc8767_www.travel.aol.co.uk.Paris: The City of Light

Stylish, sensual and sizzling with energy, it’s no surprise that Paris has topped every list ever compiled for romantic cities.

20060719103709990001_www.travel.aol.co.uk.Florence: The Renaissance Stunner

An art lover’s paradise amid a magical setting, Florence has all the ingredients for some serious city loving.

20060714102209990001.496cc9be-0010c-0605f-cdbc8767_www.travel.aol.co.uk.Lisbon: Picturesque City by the Tagus

With horse-drawn carriages, cobbled streets and breathtaking scenery, Lisbon is a great choice for lovers.

20060714102309990001.496cd118-00017-0605f-cdbc8767_www.travel.aol.co.uk.New York: The Big Apple

NYC is one of the ultimate destinations for a romantic break. From Tiffany’s to the Empire State Building, the choice is yours.

20090109105409990001_www.travel.aol.co.uk.Barcelona: Sparkling Catalan Gem

From stunning architecture to romantic candlelit dinners on Las Ramblas, Barcelona is made for romance.

20060720055209990001.45111cd3-0014c-03134-400cb8e1_www.travel.aol.co.uk.Edinburgh: Scottish Beauty

Edinburgh Castle provides an impressive backdrop to a vibrant city that’s jam packed with romantic retreats.

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