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Make Way For Segway… Glide-by Travel

By Dian Hasan | June 4, 2009

OC 2A few years back, Segway was launched with much fanfare, hailed as the breakthrough personal transportation mode that would revolutionize the way we move about. And give all other mode of transport a run for their money. An entirely different scenario unfolded, included the creator’s company on the verge of folding… however, along the way Segway was discovered by an entirely different market – the Traveler. The following are cities where you’ll find Segway as an interesting alternative of sightseeing while gliding by. Segway is still a head-turner and looks alien, but it’s definitely being put to good use. The best thing of all: zero emission, and no carbon footprint!

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By Dian Hasan | May 26, 2009


Prague: The City of 100 Spires

One of the most romantic cities in the world, with its ancient spires and cobbled streets, Prague is a lovers’ city.

20060719104709990001_www.travel.aol.co.ukSeville: The jewel in Andalucia’s crown

This beautiful Spanish city and her  fine Moorish architecture has become a firm favorite with couples.

20060719105109990001_www.travel.aol.co.ukVenice: The City of Canals

Famous for her canals and romantic serenades on gondolas, Venice is the epitome of romance. 

20060720055409990001.496cc737-0024a-0605f-cdbc8767_www.travel.aol.co.uk.Rome: The Eternal City

From the Tiber River to the impressive Colosseum, there is surely none more romantic than the ancient city of Rome.

20060714101709990001.496ccc2a-000a0-0605f-cdbc8767_www.travel.aol.co.uk.Paris: The City of Light

Stylish, sensual and sizzling with energy, it’s no surprise that Paris has topped every list ever compiled for romantic cities.

20060719103709990001_www.travel.aol.co.uk.Florence: The Renaissance Stunner

An art lover’s paradise amid a magical setting, Florence has all the ingredients for some serious city loving.

20060714102209990001.496cc9be-0010c-0605f-cdbc8767_www.travel.aol.co.uk.Lisbon: Picturesque City by the Tagus

With horse-drawn carriages, cobbled streets and breathtaking scenery, Lisbon is a great choice for lovers.

20060714102309990001.496cd118-00017-0605f-cdbc8767_www.travel.aol.co.uk.New York: The Big Apple

NYC is one of the ultimate destinations for a romantic break. From Tiffany’s to the Empire State Building, the choice is yours.

20090109105409990001_www.travel.aol.co.uk.Barcelona: Sparkling Catalan Gem

From stunning architecture to romantic candlelit dinners on Las Ramblas, Barcelona is made for romance.

20060720055209990001.45111cd3-0014c-03134-400cb8e1_www.travel.aol.co.uk.Edinburgh: Scottish Beauty

Edinburgh Castle provides an impressive backdrop to a vibrant city that’s jam packed with romantic retreats.

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By Dian Hasan | May 18, 2009


The Baroque spires of St. Nicholas Church peeking from behind sentry tower to Prague's famous Charles Bridge

There are places that require very little introduction, as the mere notion conjures up images of a very distinctive identity. Prague is such a place.

The capital of Czech Republic lies in the heart of Europe, and its stunning setting of Prague Castle looming over shimmering medieval spires with Charles Bridge over the River Vltava is one of the most recognizable cities in Europe. Continue reading

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