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Exhilarating Asia ~ Extreme Kayaking on Selangor River, Malaysia

By Dian Hasan | September 5, 2009

For those in the know, Asia is a fantastic travel destination in every sense of the word – covering a myriad of interests, ranging from FIT, MICE, Medical, Business Travel, Sports, Showbiz, Shopping, Gourmet, Cultural, Wellness, to the more smaller fine-tuned travel niches of Adventure-, Eco-, Humanitarian– and even VolunTourism. In short – Green Travel is here. The Asian travel landscape has evolved dramatically. And virtually all countries across the massive Asian Continent are waking up to the tremendous economic potential of Tourism. Albeit each country may have a different approach. What’s clear is that every country wants to taste the success of China, India, Singapore, Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, The Maldives & Nepal. Even the last totalitarian regime of Myanmar is looking into Tourism as a attractive economic sector to pursue.

Which takes us back to Adventure Travel, that part of travel that exudes exploration, expedition, exhilaration… and excitement galore. Laced with adrenaline, enjoying the dwindling Asian landscapes that are changing fast… from pristine to precariously threatened.  So let’s look at Malaysia, one country that has successfully placed its tourism products and services in the minds of travelers, via its catchy “Malaysia, Truly Asia” tourism campaign. Extreme Kayaking anyone? Selangor River awaits (as originally appeared in Playak) .

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