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Beguiling Becaks ~ the fast-disappearing ubiquitous pedicabs of Indonesia

Becak in Yogja, Central Java-photo flickr member javajive

Becak in Yogjakarta, Central Java. Photo: flickr member javajive

With the fast-changing façades of urban areas across Asia, one quirky vehicle that is fast disappearing is the pedicab, the human-powered workhorse that has been hard at work, transporting both passengers and goods, since the invention of the bicycle. The Indonesian version, called Becak (read: bée-chuck), takes on many different looks, as each city likes to give it their own imprint. Becaks are fast becoming a rare breed, as City Governments across the Archipelago ban them for their antiquated and inhumane nature, replacing them with motorized versions trikes similar to Thailand’s tuk -tuks. It’s ironic to think that while this is happening in Indonesia, the rest of the world, especially in the progressive countries who are pursuing anything labelled “green alternative everything” are re-introducing pedicabs in one form or another. Albeit most of them for touristic leisure purposes. You’l find them dotting fine urban landscapes, from San Diego to Barcelona. Here’s a look at the the Becak, as reported by Tim Hannigan of Kabar Magazine.

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