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Time-lapse wonderworld: Tokyo

Some of the audio visual work I come across, especially those involving far away lands,  are so interesting that I’m compelled to re-post them. Here’s a look of photographer Sam Cockedey‘s work.

Bright light big city Tokyo, a city that never seems to slow down, turn off or tune out. Tokyo’s power button seems to be in an eternal “On”!

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Ace New York, the utterly “un-boutique” hotel

By Dian Hasan | May 16, 2010

Going against the grain of boutique hotels seems to be the basic premise of Seattle-based Ace Hotels, which has gone eastward and planted their first brand of new cool in the Big Apple. This is after a series of successfully acing hotels by the same name in Seattle (obviously), Portland and Palm Springs.

After all, what boutique hotel could claim having bunk beds, turntables and SMEG fridges in the guest rooms, an industrial-style elevator, and mix and match vintage furniture so unique, it feels as if New York’s famous ABC Carpet & Home furnishing has decided to start allowing stay over night in the store.

Ace New York City, a reincarnation of the 1904 edifice that housed the former Breslin Hotel, and what a sumptuous reincarnation at that!  Ace defies classification, it’s as if you’ve entered an old aunt’s living room in Prague, Berlin or Paris.

From the 18-foot-high ceiling that adorns the lobby, to the original mosaic tile floor and carved plaster ceiling in the public areas, to the vintage faucets and blackboards for scribbling your thoughts in the guest rooms, Ace is uniquely different.

Ace , positions itself impeccably against Gotham City’s plethora of hotels with personality. For this one’s shines through.

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Chic & Sleek | Axel Hotel Guldsmeden, Copenhagen, Denmark

By Dian Hasan | May 16, 2010

What happens when Bali meets a Scandinavian city in Northern Europe?  If that place is Copenhagen, home to Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid, and a city renowned for its clean design flair, the result is a pleasant exercise in mix and match.

That special hotel is Axel Hotel Guldsmeden, and the location befits a hotel that defies categorization, in Vesterbro, Copenhagen hippest neighborhood.

Axel is casual and laid back, with furnishing that is part Balinese, part vintage local finds. The adjoining organic Bakery Cafe gives it the home appeal it screams out so comfortably.

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Habita ~ Mexico City’s temple of cool

Habita-DF-MX-Pool Area 2

It’s not difficult to imagine how fast the über cool Habita hotel entered the mindset (quickly followed by vocabulary) of Mexico City’s trendy urban set. Small hotel with attitude, furniture pieces like Eames chairs, and others from B&B Italia, TEN Arquitectos, Hermes toiletries, flat-screen TVs, rooftop chill bar, in-house urban Spa. Befitting the neighborhood of Polanco, Habita plays the trendsetting role like hand in glove.

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Walk the glass plank… 103 floors above ground. Not for the faint hearted!

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