Green & Chic ~ North Island, Seychelles, Indian Ocean

By Dian Hasan | June 11, 2009

North Island_Seychelles_north-island-the-luxury-private-isand-in-the-seychellesNorth Island in the Seychelles offers a tranquil retreat with a conscience to do the best, not only by its customers and staff, but by the island environment and its native species of animal and fauna. When the Island was abandoned in the 1970`s due to the collapse of the coconut industry, it became a haven for many unwanted species that were detremential to the island environment and the native species which lived there.

North Island_Seychelles_17
The owners of the island are slowly re-introducing native species of animals to create a natural balance of life, and is well on it`s way to becoming a `Noah`s Ark’.

North Island_Seychelles_29North Island was created as a conservation project and the 11 unique luxury lodges use material reaped from the island during the rehabilitation process, creating a location which is ultimately private, secure and offers a unique holiday destination and experience for all of its guests.
North Island_Seychelles_281

North Island_Seychelles_03

North Island_Seychelles_09

North Island_Seychelles_23

North Island_Seychelles_01North Island_Seychelles_04
North Island_Seychelles_18


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